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Your Personal CFO 

We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that provides a family office approach to financial planning. 


In 2013, Casey Whitson started a financial advisory practice after serving six years as an officer in the United States Air Force. She was determined to build an advisory business focused on holistic, goals-based financial planning and healthy wealth mindset coaching. Casey held fast to her unique model and built a thriving business against tremendous odds and barriers. 

In 2021, Casey transitioned Optimize Financial (OFI) to a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and partnered with Charles Schwab as a custodian. This launched OFI into a new era of autonomy, innovation, efficiency, and client service. OFI is committed to equipping clients with a simple process to grow wealth with a positive mindset!

Learn more about how our team can help you develop a financial plan so you can accomplish your most cherished financial goals.

Have You Asked Yourself These Questions?

- What investment opportunities should I pursue given my financial goals?

- How can I minimize tax liabilities and optimize my financial planning?

- How do I plan for retirement with an income that I won't outlive?

- What does effective estate planning look like for me, my family, and future generations?

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Casey Whitson headshot

Casey Whitson, MBA, CFP®

President & CEO
Financial Advisor

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Lisa Nguyen headshot

Lisa Nguyen, CFP®

EVP of Client Relations

Financial Advisor

Scott Cheo headshot

Scott Cheo

EVP of Marketing & Operations

Sara Woertink headshot

Sara Woertink

EVP of Administration

Beth LaBonty

Beth LaBonty

Executive Assistant

Camden Miller

Camden Miller

Junior Financial Advisor

Anna Ochal headshot

Anna Ochal

Client Relations Representative

Logan Wall headshot

Logan Wall

Content Strategist

JD Williams headshot

JD Williams

Client Relations Representative

Kaylee Breeding headshot

Kaylee Breeding

Client Relations Representative

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