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Sara Woertink

Sara understands how crucial administration and operations are to Optimize Financial’s ability to help clients build wealth and optimize their financial decisions. She brings a passion and creativity to her role rarely seen in the industry. She relentlessly pursues excellence in client service. Clients know they can count on Sara to do what she says she is going to do in the best possible manner she can do it. Her desire for excellence in all she does is contagious and permeates the culture of Optimize Financial.

Her Story

Sara received her Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from Victor Valley College in 2006. She began her career as a teller at Wells Fargo that same year and was quickly promoted to banker well before she should have been considered for promotion. Shortly after becoming a banker, she took and passed the Series 66 and Series 7 licensing exams. This type of initiative is rarely seen in someone with such short tenure. At every stage of her career, leaders were impressed with her work ethic and attention to detail and elevated her rapidly. This opened the door for her to work as a Client Associate in wealth management at Wells Fargo Advisors Private Client Group (WFA PCG). She was assigned to support an advisor named Casey Witters and the rest is history. Sara was an integral part of the amazing and rapid growth Casey experienced as a financial advisor. Together they set out to do things differently in wealth management and they developed an unwavering, growth mindset that produced freedom, clarity and confidence in their clients. 

Sara has touched almost every aspect of client service in banking and wealth management. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has turned her into a phenomenal problem solver. Sara was nominated and placed on the National Client Associate Advisory Council in addition to being named the Point of Contact leader for all assistants at her WFA PCG branch. She is a natural leader!

Sara married her high school sweetheart Erick and they have two beautiful daughters, Reagan and Jade. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite place to be is at the beach, especially Laguna Beach. She also loves to watch her daughters play soccer and thoroughly enjoys family game night playing monopoly or other board games.


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