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Lisa Nguyen, CFP®

Lisa takes great pride in the client experience. Due to her extensive knowledge of financial planning and passion to see tasks through to completion, Lisa serves as Executive Vice President of Client Relations. She oversees all functions of OFI's white glove service by preparing, managing, and tracking client actions through to completion. She also manages the fast paced, high caliber training program at Optimize Financial called OFI's Beaconship.

Her Story

Lisa earned a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering and a minor in Linguistics (with a concentration in Spanish) from the University of California, San Diego. Lisa has an M.S. in Interior Design from Pratt University in addition to completing a Certificate of Personal Financial Planning at the University of California, Irvine and becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant. Lisa also brings insight and expertise gained from multinational conglomerate software and health care companies to multi-division manufacturing corporations.

As site coordinator, she managed over 300 developers in code integration, compliance, and product testing. Lisa was a white paper co-author on hybrid logical components in PLM software in addition to implementing multiple patent projects. After engineering, Lisa turned to managing small businesses, creating succession plans, directing accounting and participating in legal and financial discussions for selling a small business with over $100 million in revenue.

In her spare time, she enjoys building home automation (Raspberry Pi) projects, woodworking, and training for triathlons. A math enthusiast at heart, she also enjoys implementing object-oriented programming with additive models to observe and analyze financial data built upon Notre Dame’s Software Repository for Accounting and Finance. The Optimize Financial team lovingly calls Lisa the “Renaissance Woman.” Her technical background and management experience provided a foundational framework for understanding complex systems that have served her well in assisting clients with their complex financial planning needs. Lisa brings integrity, hard work, and loving care to everything she does. She also has three Pomeranians named Jasper, Gemma, and Gimli whom she adores

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